Arrow VRC2 and JCB – Diesel 444 NA engine

Project description

This is a CE marked Arrow model VRC2 compressor package in single stage configuration with two 2.5” cylinders working in SACE configuration. The compressor will be driven with a JCB diesel engine (supplied by customer). The package includes one suction scrubber, air cooler for cooling the process gas (supplied by customer), Altronic annunciator type control panel, piping, valving, utilities and instrumentation. The compressor package has a roof assembly with fold down side panels for transport and cold winter-time operation.

Ps [barA]:51
Pd [barA]:161
Compressor:Arrow VRC2
Driver:JCB - Diesel 444 NA engine
Control Panel:Altronic - DD-40NTV-U Annunciator
Gas Cooling System:Technologia Fan Cooler
Country of installation:Hungary

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