Cameron CFA32 and TECO 150kW electric motor

Project description

The package has one Cameron CFA32 compressor with two cylinders (with 8.5”and 4.125” bore cylinder). It is a two stage compressor driven by a 150 kW, 380 V 4 poles TECO electric motor at variable speed, between 1300-1800RPM (45Hz to 60Hz), for the purpose of providing 60 BarA gas. The compressor is monitored and controlled by a Murphy annunciator TTD panel; and the cooling of the process gas is made by two fan type coolers, for inter-cooling and after-cooling.

Ps [barA]:34
Pd [barA]:60
Compressor:Cameron CFA32
Driver:TECO - 150 kW, 380 V, 4 poles motor
Control Panel:Murphy - Selectronic Annunciator TTD panel
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C24-2M-3
Country of installation:Ukraine

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