Packaged Gas Compressors

Being an authorized packager for several compressor manufacturers, EGS brings world-class compression to the European, Middle East, Africa and CIS markets at competitive pricing levels.

Our goal at EGS is to fit the right compressor to your needs. We offer both gas engine and electric motor driven compressor packages, ranging from 30 KW (40 HP) to 5.0 MW (6700 HP). Let our Application Engineer find the right solution for your compression requirements.

EGS is approved to package several compressor manufacturers, including Ariel, Cameron, Sertco and Arrow Engine Co. With the wide variety of compressor models that EGS offers and our industry experience, we are positioned to bring competitive compressor solutions to the market for all compression applications.

Our staff has design and manufacturing capability for gas engine and electric motor driven compressors for the ISO 13631 compressor industry. With the expansion of our manufacturing and assembly facilities in 2012, and the addition of (4) 50 ton cranes, EGS can now design and manufacture virtually any size compressor package.

EGS has in-house design, manufacturing and certification of PED vessels for use in our compressor packaging or sold as separate vessels for other projects. The design is made top to bottom by EGS Engineering using 3D modeling in Inventor software by Autodesk.

Our project reference list can be seen by clicking on the following address.