About Us

Authorized packager for compressor manufacturers

EGS brings world-class compression to the European, Middle East, Africa, Asia and CIS markets (former Soviet Union countries, e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan) at competitive pricing levels. For our products we provide GOST-R certification and RTN certificates for the CIS markets; and CE marked certificates with compliance to ATEX, PED, and Machinery for the European Union markets.

Packaged gas compressors and packaging services

EGS can design your package from bottom up or work to your designs. In addition to full compressor packages, EGS offers full aftermarket support including: spare parts, start-up and commissioning support and customer training programs for the use and maintenance of the equipment we sell.

We also offer re-packaging services for existing compressors and equipment that need to be modified to fit current field conditions.

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In order to satisfy the customer’s needs, the services and products that we offer are built for the long run. Because we think long run, we have a direction; thereby we walk alert and patiently on the road seeking to invest in learning and coaching. Personal excellence is appreciated.


Behind EGS are people who put their hearts and minds together; who share their knowledge, abilities and visions in order to create products and reach goals. Therefore our strategies, debates and the way we treat each other are based on honest collaboration, open-mindedness and respect.


According to Wikipedia “proactive employees generally do not need to be asked to act, nor do they require detailed instructions”. We act in advance because we are in control and can make things happen. Job challenges are expected and we enjoy solving them, knowing that this process will make us better. People are invited to find their place to grow professionally and personally by their involvement.


We are committed to optimal efficiency results. Solutions are found through self-discipline, cooperation, organization and focus. This conscientiousness combined with the impeccable ethics form our trustworthy reputation.