Ariel JGE4 and Waukesha L5794GSI engine

Project description

Project consists of three units with three stages of compression for an industrial gas distribution station in Ukraine. Because ambient temperatures are low the package has been provided with: heat tracing and insulation for liquid section of all separators, drainage valves and drain lines to skid edge; heat tracing and insulation on the oil tanks, oil supply lines and oil level controllers; heat tracing and insulation for Suction Pressure Controller and By-pass; and heat tracing and insulation for fuel gas piping, regulators and control valves. Pressure vessels and process piping material are offered with 3.1 material certificates according to EN 10204. Process piping to package skid edge with 1.5 mm corrosion allowance, design and manufactured in accordance with EN 13480.

Ps [barA]:2 - 4
Pd [barA]:56
Compressor:Ariel JGE4
Driver:Waukesha L5794GSI
Control Panel:Schneider Electric GX1500
Gas Cooling System:Euro Gas Systems
Country of installation:Ukraine

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