Ariel JGJ2 and Caterpillar 3408 LE engine

Project description

LYUBSHIV, KHIDNOVYCHI 1, DERZHIV & KHIDNOVYCHI 2 – are locations in Ukraine for which EGS supplied compressor packages after participating and winning the public tender. Packages are designed for each location specific requested operating parameters.

Air cooled heat exchangers for process gas; oil and water have been built and designed at EGS, with HTRI sizing software.

The provided Altronic DE_3000 panel allows automatic operation of the unit.

Ps [barA]:Lyubshiv: 1.5 - 4; Khidnovychi1: 1.5 - 3
Pd [barA]:Lyubshiv: 8-11; Khidnovychi1: 5.5-7
Compressor:Ariel JGJ2
Driver:Caterpillar G3408 LE engine
Control Panel:Altronic - DE_3000
Gas Cooling System:Euro Gas Systems
Country of installation:Ukraine

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