Ariel JGJ4 and ABB 630kW electric motor

Project description

The compressing packages will have an Ariel JGJ/4 reciprocating compressor with four cylinders, driven by an ABB electric motor. They will be placed inside of an isolated metallic enclosure with side access (doors for human access) and top access for maintenance purposes (cranes access). The gas cooler is placed outside the enclosure and driven by a separate electric motor. Nearby the main enclosure a second smaller enclosure is found for the Unit Control Panel and the Motor Control Center for each of the two compressing units.

Ps [barA]:3 - 5
Pd [barA]:29
Compressor:Ariel JGJ4
Driver:ABB - 630 KW motor Exd , 6 kV, 50 Hz, 4 pole
Control Panel:Kilowatts - Guardian Compact LOGIX, A-B PLC
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model A96M-12
Country of installation:Russia

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