Ariel JGK2 and Waukesha F3524GSI engine

Project description

Euro Gas Systems worked together with GTC Force to deliver this compressor to Dzikow site in Poland. The unit was designed so it can work in two stage mode but also in single stage operation. All devices, equipment, instruments are in accordance with PED and suitable for explosion hazardous areas. Most of the package components (cooler, oil, process valves, flow meters, control panel, MCC, instrumentations) were added to package by GTC Force in Poland.

Ps [barA]:6 - 36
Pd [barA]:51 - 56
Compressor:Ariel JGK2
Driver:Waukesha F3524GSI engine
Control Panel:Siemens S7-300 PLC based
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model A120-18
Country of installation:Poland

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