Ariel JGK2 / JGR2 and ABB 560kW / 132kW electric motor

Project description

OMV Petrom S.A. as the owner and Confind S.A. as the EPCC contractor have ordered six compressor packages (2 x Ariel JGK4 & 4 x Ariel JGR2 compressors) from Euro Gas Systems in order to modernize and finalize the Compressor stations 2 Merisani and 1 Valcele.

Design engineering has accorded special attention for safety, optimized operation, energy efficiency, low operation costs; and considered to use Low Harmonics VSDs, SIL2 control panels with redundant PLCs & Ex-i instrumentation.

Ps [barA]:Merisani: 5 - 6; Valcele: 1.4 - 1.6
Pd [barA]:Merisani: 21 - 51; Valcele: 6 - 7
Compressor:Merisani: Ariel JGK2; Valcele: Ariel JGR2
Driver:Merisani: ABB - 560KW motor; Valcele: UMEB - 132KW motor
Control Panel:Schneider Electric -Guardian Model GX1500
Gas Cooling System:Euro Gas Systems
Country of installation:Romania

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