Ariel JGJ2 / JGC2 and Caterpillar 3412TA / 3606LE engine

Project description

This application combines four compressors: 2 x Ariel JGJ2 driven by Caterpillar G3412-TA engines are mounted in series of other two units consisting of Ariel JGC2 & Caterpillar G3606 drivers; in order to raise the suction pressure of 3-6bara to a final discharge pressure of 66-73bara.

Compressor units have been placed inside buildings, with exception of the air cooled heat exchangers which have been designed for outside operation.

Ps [barA]:Stream1: 3 - 6; Stream2: 21 - 28
Pd [barA]:Stream1: 21 - 28; Stream2: 66 - 73
Compressor:Stream1: Ariel JGJ2; Stream2: Ariel JGC2
Driver:Stream1: Caterpillar 3412TA engine; Stream2: Caterpillar 3606LE engine
Control Panel:Allen Bradley PLC based
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model E66 & E60
Country of installation:Uzbekistan

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