Ariel JGK4 and Waukesha L7044GSI engine

Project description

EGS supplied (3) Ariel JGK4 compressors for a sour gas application in Iraq. These compressors are driven by a Waukesha L7044GSI engine (rated for 1680HP / 1253 kW @ 1200RPM). Application was designed to follow and comply to ISO13631 and NACE requirements. This is the biggest compressor package set from a total of 11 gas compressor packages that we supplied during this contract.

Ps [barA]:6 - 7
Pd [barA]:42
Compressor:Ariel JGK4
Driver:Waukesha L7044GSI
Control Panel:Murphy Centurion PLUS
Gas Cooling System:Euro Gas Systems
Country of installation:Iraq

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