Ariel JGP1 and ABB 37kW electric motor

Project description

The block-modular compressor station has two Ariel JGP/1 single cylinder, single stage compressors driven by variable speed controlled 37 kW ABB motors for the purpose of providing 76 BarA seal gas to downstream centrifugal compressors. One compressor will be running and the other compressor will be in standby mode. The compressors are in a heated and ventilated enclosure and they are monitored and controlled by a Siemens S7 300 series PLC based control panel located in a separate non-hazardous area enclosure.

Ps [barA]:30 - 40
Pd [barA]:76
Compressor:Ariel JGP1
Driver:ABB - TEFC 37kW, 4 poles, 400V
Control Panel:Altronic - Siemens S7 300 PLC Based
Gas Cooling System:ACE Model C20M-2.7
Country of installation:Russia

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