Ariel JGP2 and Tedom TG 100 DV engine

Project description

Ten identical compressor units are designed to operate on a wide range of suction pressures and flow. Romgaz as the end user will place these compressors in wellhead applications at their sites that are spread around Romania. Compressor packages are ATEX certified, CE Marked, and ware build following the SR EN ISO 13631 standard. The package has been built under a roof, and has removable sidewalls that will allow access if maintenance or repair works is needed. These units easily transported from one site to another.

Ps [barA]:2 - 8 & 7 - 21
Pd [barA]:7 - 21 & 16 - 41
Compressor:Ariel JGP2
Driver:Tedom TG 100 DV engine
Control Panel:Altronic - DE_3000
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler
Country of installation:Romania

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