Ariel JGP2 / JGQ2 and Tedom TG100 / TG170 DV NX 86 engine

Project description

Romgaz has awarded another set of five compressors to EGS that are similar with the previous ten packages we supplied for them. Three wellhead units are consisting of Ariel JGP2 compressors driven by Tedom TG 100 DV NX 86 engines; while the other two gas lift units are packaged with an Ariel JGQ2 compressor driven by a Tedom TG 170 DV NX 86 engine. Gas flow metering was considered on fuel line inlet and also process gas discharge.

Compressor packages are ATEX certified and CE Marked.

Ps [barA]:JGP2: 6-11; JGQ2: 2-8
Pd [barA]:JGP2: 16-41; JGQ2: 8-21
Compressor:(3) Ariel JGP2 & (2) Ariel JGQ2
Driver:(3) Tedom TG 100 & (2) Tedom 170 engines
Control Panel:Altronic - DE_3000
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C66I-7 & C60I-6.75
Country of installation:Romania

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