Ariel JGT2 and Waukesha F3514GSI engine

Project description

These three compressor packages (Ariel JGT4 units driven by Waukesha P9394GSI engines) are intended for a new compressor station in Croatia. Flow transmitters have been considered for fuel gas, progress gas and capacity recycle gas measurement. We provided also the required spare parts for three years of operation; oil or other filling liquids for first year of operation; off skid cables and piping; coordination of on-site electric and mechanical works performed by EGS local subcontractors. Vessels have been PED certified following EN 13455 guidelines. Process piping design is based on EN 13480. All units have been placed inside a building to assure required noise levels at site.

Ps [barA]:12 - 15
Pd [barA]:35 - 47
Compressor:Ariel JGT2
Driver:Waukesha F3514GSI
Control Panel:Schneider Electric GX1500
Gas Cooling System:Euro Gas Systems
Country of installation:Romania

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