Ariel KBK4 and Waukesha L7044GSI engine

Project description

This Ariel KBK4 two stage compressor package was manufactured by EGS for another important project in Poland. Client also contracted EGS to perform maintenance and service works for the entire warranty period of the package (four years warranty). In the package design was also considered the possibility of switching operation from two stages into one stage by using manual ball valves. Because this equipment will be used in the European Union, we offered ATEX & PED compliance along with the CE Marked package.

Ps [barA]:6 - 41
Pd [barA]:31 - 56
Compressor:Ariel KBK4
Driver:Waukesha L7044GSI engine
Control Panel:Siemens S7-1500 PLC based
Gas Cooling System:EGS Fan Cooler
Country of installation:Poland

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