Arrow VRC2 and GM Vortec 8L engine

Project description

Natural gas, at low pressure goes through the suction scrubber, here gets a whirling ascending circulation due to deflector mounted inside, then the gas passes through a mist pad which remove liquids from the gas. From the suction scrubber, the clean natural gas enters into the suction bottles. The single gas compression stage is made by two 5.5 inch cylinders. The compressed gas exits the compressor cylinders in the discharge bottles. The gas enters in the air cooler from where exits with a maximum temperature of 52°C.

Ps [barA]:0.9
Pd [barA]:6
Compressor:Arrow VRC2
Driver:GM - Vortec 8L engine
Control Panel:Altronic - Annunciator DD40NTS
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C36I-4.5
Country of installation:Poland

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