Arrow VRC2 and JCB Diesel 444 NA engine

Project description

This is a three stage compressor package designed to compress Nitrogen. The compression unit includes the following: skid, Cameron CFA32 compressor, Tedom gas engine, ACE fan cooler, pressure vessel (fuel scrubber), pipes, safety relief valves, control equipment and accessories under pressure. The Compressor station has a roof made from plates mounted on a solid structure for protection against rain and snow. All construction and lining elements of the casing are protected against corrosion by painting or galvanization.

Ps [barA]:21
Pd [barA]:271
Compressor:Cameron CFA32
Driver:Tedom - TG170 DV TX86 engine
Control Panel:Altronic - DD-40NTV-U Annunciator
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C60I-7
Country of installation:Ukraine

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