Cameron CFA32 and ABB 160kW electric motor

Project description

The Nitrogen gas compressor package has one Cameron CFA32 compressor with two throws in two stages (1st stage cylinder bore is 6.125” and 2nd stage cylinder bore is 3.876”). The compressor unit is driven by an ABB electrical motor (160 kW, 400 V, 4 poles at 1500 RPM) fixed nominal speed, for the purpose of providing nitrogen gas at 67 BarA discharge pressure. The compressor station is measuring 2800 mm wide, 4046 mm long, 2000 mm in height and has a weight of 6,500 Kg.

Ps [barA]:9
Pd [barA]:67
Compressor:Cameron CFA32
Driver:ABB - 160kW, 4 poles, 400V
Control Panel:Guardian - MicroLogix GM700 PLC Based
Gas Cooling System:M.T.A. S.p.A Shell & Tube Cooler
Country of installation:Russia

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