Cameron CFA34 and ABB 132kW electric motor

Project description

The package has one Cameron CFA34 compressor with four cylinders. It is a four stage compressor driven by a 132 kW, 400 V 6 poles ABB electric motor at 985 RPM fixed nominal speed, for the purpose of providing 41 BarA seal gas (nitrogen). The compressor is monitored and controlled by a MicroLogix GM700 Control Panel Guardian, located in a separate non-hazardous area enclosure. The cooling of the process gas is made by four shell & tube type coolers, for inter-cooling and after-cooling; to keep gas outlet temperature between 45-55°C.

Ps [barA]:1.5
Pd [barA]:41
Compressor:Cameron CFA34
Driver:ABB - TEFC, 3-phase, 132 kW, 400V
Control Panel:Guardian - MicroLogix GM700 PLC Based
Gas Cooling System:M.T.A. S.p.A Shell & Tube Coolers
Country of installation:Russia

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