Cameron CFA34 and UMEB 315kW electric motor

Project description

This compressor package was designed for manual operation. The lubricated Cameron CFA34 compressor is driven by a 315kW motor that can operate from 900 to 1800RPM due the supplied VFD. Suction pressure is adjusted from a suction pressure controller. The clean natural gas enters the suction scrubber and then goes to the first stage suction header and further to the first compressor cylinder. Three stages are used to raise the gas pressure to 60bara. After the final compressing stage, the gas is cooled by the heat exchanger.

Ps [barA]:2.5 - 3
Pd [barA]:30 - 60
Compressor:Cameron CFA34
Driver:UMEB - 315kW motor
Control Panel:Murphy - TTD Series Fault Annunciator
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C42-6
Country of installation:Ukraine

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