Cameron MH64 and Waukesha P9390 GSI engine

Project description

Each of the two compressor units from Romgaz Roman gas station has been equipped with a Cameron MH64 compressor that has four cylinders; and is designed for two stage operation. Unit is driven by internal combustion engine from Waukesha with 16 cylinders. The control panel used for monitorization and control will be placed off-skid and will have programmable capabilities. User interface is made with a touch panel. Communication with upper station can be realized through Ethernet, optical fiber or the RS-485 port.

Ps [barA]:4 - 6
Pd [barA]:25
Compressor:Cameron MH64
Driver:Waukesha P9390 GSI engine
Control Panel:Allen Bradley PLC based
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler
Country of installation:Romania

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