Cameron WH74 and Waukesha 12V275GL+ engine

Project description

The SR EN ISO 13631 compressor packages delivered to the Sarmasel compressor station are intended to store and withdraw the gas from an underground reservoir. Four units have been considered in order to move 6.000.000 Nm3/day/compressor station. The units ware equipped with 64” suction scrubbers because of the large gas quantity. These scrubbers ware build in house by EGS following PED regulations and EN 13445 standard.

Ps [barA]:13 - 36
Pd [barA]:31 - 51
Compressor:Cameron WH74
Driver:Waukesha 12V275GL+ engine
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model E108-2-26
Country of installation:Romania

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