GEA Grasso EP-E18T and Caterpillar 3304NA engine

Project description

This is our first package with a GEA Grasso screw compressor. GEA offers one of the largest and most extensive screw compressor portfolios. Compressors are designed with a special focus on energy-efficiency, reliability, safety and easy maintenance.

The Caterpillar G3304 NA engine is driving the compressor and the air cooler (for process gas, oil and engine jacket water). The package has been placed inside an enclosure with lighting and ventilation systems.

Ps [barA]:2 - 8
Pd [barA]:15 - 26
Compressor:GEA Grasso EP-E18T
Driver:Caterpillar G3304 NA engine
Control Panel:Murphy - TTD Series Fault Annunciator
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model C54-6.5
Country of installation:Ukraine

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