Sullair DC2512/ DC2517 and Caterpillar CG137-8 engine

Project description

First screw units that were packaged by EGS were for this Romgaz project. After winning the tender EGS started packing four Sullair DC2512 and three Sullair DC2517 screw compressors, each driven by a Caterpillar CG137-8 engine. Every unit had to be placed inside an enclosure with lightning protection. Robust walls can handle sever weather conditions and will allow access for maintenance and repair works.

Ps [barA]:1 - 3.5
Pd [barA]:19 & 26
Compressor:(4) Sullair DC2512 & (3) Sullair DC2517
Driver:Caterpillar CG137-8 engine
Control Panel:Schneider Electric - Guardian Model GM700
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler - Model T78(2)-2-18
Country of installation:Romania

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