Ariel JGC4 and Waukesha 12V275GL+ engine

Project description

All three (3) compression stations have an Ariel JGC4 two stage compressor driven by WAUKESHA’s 12V275GL+ engine. Each package contains: a suction separator, an interstage separator, pulsation vessels, discharge coalescers to remove oil from lubrication during compression; all made from 316L SST or other stainless steel grades that are deemed for the high level of H2S in the compressed gas.

Ps [barA]:5 - 6.8
Pd [barA]:42 - 45
Compressor:Ariel JGC4
Driver:Waukesha 12V275GL+ engine
Control Panel:Allen Bradley PLC based
Gas Cooling System:ACE Fan Cooler
Country of installation:Russia

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