Compressor Tech2 Appearance

COMPRESSORtech2 writes about gas compression products, systems and technologies from the wellhead to city gate. This includes midstream, upstream and downstream gas compression applications. Its readership consists of the people who operate, design and service the products and systems utilized by the global gas compression industry (the magazine has over 14,000 subscribers from all over the world).

COMPRESSORtech2 is a member of Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications. Founded in 1935, the magazines, books, sourcing guides, websites and e-newsletters of Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications have been providing critical product, technology and industry news for designers and users of all kinds of engine-powered equipment.

Euro Gas Systems was introduced to COMPRESSORtech2 readers in August 2013 through a three page article that makes us proud. The article contains a good summary of EGS history and activity, information about the most significant projects that have been completed and some key elements that made EGS success possible (over 30 years of experience in the compression industry, `top-of-the-class` personnel recruitment, U.S. trained consultants, shop location in the main natural production area of Romania, familiarity on European industry codes and certifications).

The complete article from COMPRESSORtech2 can be read here.